Stigma of kpop

What I'm trying to say is that when most people think of Kpop fans, fangirls are almost always the first types of fans people think of.

Nothing wrong with that, but it's time us fanboys get noticed as part of fanship in general without getting stigmatized. On a side note, as a Kpop fanboy, I consider myself part of an endangered species of fans. I hardly ever meet any fanboys out there, especially here in KA. This is a great time for us to connect with each other and talk about our favorites!

Stigma of Boy Groups in Kpop

Moving back, as a fanboy I can assure you that we as fanboys can go just as crazy as fangirls when we listen to kpop. Sometimes I even scare myself because I'll act really aegyo towards my biases :joy:. I don't see the wrong in that, it just means we really appreciate idols for giving us what we want to hear and see!

That brings me to a stereotype very common with fanboys:.

stigma of kpop

I don't know why people think that. But why can't we literally fanboy over our favorite idols just like girls do? It's not like I let Jimin, my UB, make me question my sexuality Like can a music genre be gender specific?

I'm a huge fan of BTS. I just love them so much for their broship and individual talents. Cmon, you are a guy, why do you like K-Pop, you should listen to rock,metal etc. Yes, life is hard for the Kpop fan boy. How did this unfortunate 'stigma' come about? Originally, K-pop was targeted for women and young girls but soon men and young boys started taking an interest in the genre. Hence, the 'fanboy' was born and there was no looking back. Apart from being labelled as gay, another stigma that K-Pop fans get is people call us as Korean wannabe.

Majority of fans will admit that they have interest to get to know South Korean culture like language and food. Some even take Korean language course so they could understand the lyrics better or watching interviews or game shows without relying on English subtitles. However that does not mean that they want to change their identity to become more Koreans. Two points can be made here. Society seems to forget that music is universal and know no gender.You know, I was going to call this a theory until I watched the video with English Subs, and the whole thing basically explained itself.

There isn't really any new information, but I will go over all the details and connections. Something different about this trailer is that Taehyung is not dead. At first, it seems that way; the atmosphere caked in darkness, but there is no exaggeration of the moments and at the end there are huge clues that this may even be a prologue to Prologue. Another starter is that Taehyung may be linked to the character named Franz Kromer in Herman Hesse's Demian, the story Wings is based off of.

Kromer is a poor child of a broke drunkard and tortures the main character at the beginning of the book by tricking Emil into practically working for him. First, we hear Namjoon speaking. I can't remember the exact words, but they're about how Taehyung's life was maturing past childhood and changing into something darker. It's a flag of warning to the rest of the trailer.

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We begin watching Taehyung partaking in an act of vandalism. Police cars drive up and screech. A figure approaches Taehyung and presses him to the vandalised wall, stopping him from acting further. Taehyung, though, looks almost evilly ecstatic at this situation, like he was planning this.

We know from I Need U that he had an abusive father, and it only makes sense that he'd take out his pain in ways like this. Scene switch. Taehyung is being interrogated by a mysterious, faceless figure. He gives the figure his name, but them starts twitching his finger, as if pulling a trigger. We then are moved to an alternate location that looks empty and gray. Instead of wearing the colorful jacket that he was before, Taehyung is wearing almost all white, and stumbles around cluelessly in his surrounding environment.

I think of this white Taehyung as his inner subconscious, representing all of his feelings and desires at once, in blurs of indiscernible emotions. Next, Taehyung is asked about his parents. In the most heartbreaking way, he answers that he has none.This leads to many fights between the new Kpoppers and old ones. Many fan wars on twitter emerge and it leads to a stereotype that new Kpop fans are immature and narrow minded. A better way to look at this would be that girl groups have different and softer concepts than the boy groups.

Every Kpop group has its own unique concept and style that they posses, which makes Kpop very unique and bold. With girl groups, concepts are usually soft, cute, and aesthetic whilst with boy groups, their music is stronger and concepts tend to be darker. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.I mean, just look at these K-pop statistics! Inthe suicide of Jonghyun from SHINee once again put the spotlight on mental illness within the K-pop industry, pointing out the many sources of pressure that celebrities face on a regular basis. Even though they are at an increased risk of mental illness, K-pop artists often have relatively limited options when it comes to properly addressing their mental health due to their high profiles and social stigma.

Still, some K-pop celebrities have been very open about discussing mental health, with an ever-increasing number of stars beginning to disclose their own struggles with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. I put a lot of meaning on how I should work it out, but it seems like I have to work on it for my entire life. Unfortunately, Korean celebrities have also been known to show their own prejudices when it comes to mental illness. Ironically, the year before, San E released a song and accompanying music video addressing mental health stigma, particularly as it relates to counseling and the use of medication to treat psychological problems.

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Celebrities are not the only ones who struggle with talking about mental health, however, as stigma against mental illness is a pervasive part of Korean society that makes it hard for many — famous or not — to properly and freely discuss what it means to suffer from a mental illness.

That said, although the times are changing, Korea has consistently held the highest suicide rate among OECD countries for going on two decades, with an average of 40 people dying by suicide every day. Inthe National Health Insurance Service found that approximately 5 million adult Koreans have depression or are at high risk of depression, yet only Moreover, a recent government study found that the vast majority of suicide victims had sought treatment not for mental health issues but for physical symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration, abdominal pains, and headaches.

Beneath the carefully crafted personas exist real people with their own dreams, desires, and problems. Like the rest of us, celebrities can feel isolated and hopeless.

They can be hurt and left feeling defeated. They can even make mistakes. When stars experience emotional difficulties, both the public and those close to them often are not privy to their struggles.

We Heart It. After all, the K-pop industry itself serves as the breeding ground for many of the hardships that artists face, creating an intensely competitive, high-pressure environment before would-be celebrities are even afforded the opportunity to debut. Are there any artists who have helped you through your own struggles?

Feel free to share below. If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts or know someone who is, you can receive immediate help by visiting global resources such as iasp. In Korea, you can reach LifeLine Korea at Latest Trending Popular Breaking. Community Forums Apps Viki. Soompi Spotlight. Jonghyun SHINee. San E. How does this article make you feel?By Jae-Ha Kim. Less than two weeks after year-old K-pop singer Goo Ha-ra — known professionally as Hara — was found dead in her home on Nov.

But the former Wanna One singer then did something novel for a K-pop idol.

K-pop Vocal Coach reacts to Stigma - BTS V

Not only did Kang, 22, announce that he was taking an indefinite break for his own well-being; he went a step further, telling fans he was being treated for his anxiety with psychotherapy and medication. It was a bold move in a country that attaches shame to seeking psychiatric help. Tragically, the same day Kang posted his plea for help, Korean actor Cha In-ha27, was found dead in his home.

Actor and K-pop star Sulli, 25, took her own life Oct. Experts say a number of factors in South Korea are contributing to a sense of desperation felt by many young entertainers: the demand that they present a perfect public image, their rigorous training schedule — especially for musical performers — and a culture of online bullying that especially targets outspoken women like Sulli and Hara. Sulli and Hara suffered more from misogynistic attacks than from K-pop fans. The entertainment industry has taken steps to help artists deal with the pressures of fame.

The Korea Creative Content Agency started a support center in for entertainers seeking help. Counseling sessions at the center have risen from 40 in to in the first 10 months of Most of the bigger agencies operate programs that help artists deal with the stress of being in the public eye.

But the fear of being viewed as mentally unstable can be a deterrent for those who might benefit from such treatments. The idea that one must please everybody is both a very Korean idea and a very common problem with fame. So it is a double whammy. James Lee understands that anguish all too well. His K-pop dreams ended after a freak accident at a Seoul restaurant nearly severed his left hand in Then a bassist for the trio Royal Pirates, Lee lost his ability to play the guitar.

Just two weeks after the first of numerous surgeries, his managers sent him to audition for a Korean drama, telling him that the visibility would help the band. The glory of becoming a K-pop idol is so enticing. But the penalty can be hell. Some stars are speaking out about their struggles. She has since embarked on a smaller solo career. And last month, singer Kim Hyun-ah revealed that she suffers from depression, panic disorder and vasovagal syncope, a disorder that causes fainting when triggered by emotional distress.

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Expand the sub menu Digital. Expand the sub menu Theater.The first and hopefully not last season of the show showcased some of the most widely recognized, talented singers in South Korea.

stigma of kpop

The surprise of Mask King was that some idols were able to break out of the K-pop idol box and prove their worth as live singers, singing with only a live band or other competitor as backup. Many prominent performers appeared on the show but if a singer was recognized by their vocals show Hong Jin Young, K.

Will, Jo Kwon, etc. One singer, known as Gold Lacquer or Use 2 Bucket Gold Lacquerwon multiple rounds of the show, for being both extremely talented and keeping the celebrity guests and audience from recognizing her voice. Luna debuted inand Korean and international viewers of the show alike figured out ahead of the reveal that she was likely Gold Lacquer. Luna alone would be some well-deserved recognition, but an almost accidental side effect resulted from Mask King.

Most solo singers and main vocalists of idol groups, like Navi, G. A few solo artists, such as Ivy and Kwon In Ha, were not immediately recognized, but it was the K-pop idols that gained the most attention, shocking people into noticing them.

When Luna took off her mask, it was as if everyone in the auditorium was shocked that an idol could be so talented. Netizen Buzz, a website that translates comments from Korean news articles into English, shared the reactions from the show that featured the unveiling of Luna and Sungjae.

Some of the comments are as follows:. If the worst member of a group is this good, how good are the others.? All are equal behind the mask, no matter how pretty they are or how good of a dancer they are. Have you watched Mask King? What do you think of the stigma against idols?

K-Pop Stars Reveal Their Own Struggles With Mental Illness

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Gold Lacquer Phenomenon One singer, known as Gold Lacquer or Use 2 Bucket Gold Lacquerwon multiple rounds of the show, for being both extremely talented and keeping the celebrity guests and audience from recognizing her voice. B1A4 2.He also contributed to writing lyrics for the song "Fun Boyz", co-composed by bandmate Suga. Furthermore, he contributed to music composition and lyrics for a solo song called "Stigma" from the album Wings.

On October 24, V became one of the youngest recipients of the prestigious fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit medal, awarded to him by the President of South Korea along with the other members of BTS for their role in the spread of culture. Over the course of the two weeks following its release, "Scenery" broke the daily streaming record nine times.

He also photographed the cover artwork using his pseudonym Vante. Digital Song Sales chart, becoming the highest debut for a Korean soloist in the chart's history.

Ever since then, purple has become a symbol of BTS and their fans. V is a baritone whose voice has received a generally positive critical reception, with particular praise to his vocal range and "husky" tone.

V (singer)

Eric Benet and Ruben Studdard are among his inspirations. As a performer, V's style is known for its "duality", or his ability to evoke various emotions on stage.

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All song credits are adapted from the Korea Music Copyright Association 's database, unless otherwise noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from V entertainer. South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. Seo DistrictDaeguSouth Korea. Singer songwriter record producer actor.

Main article: BTS band.

stigma of kpop

See also: BTS videography. Naver People Search. Retrieved August 12, Big Hit Entertainment. Archived from the original on October 8, Retrieved July 23, Economy Asia in Korean. Retrieved November 28, — via Naver.

The Star in Korean.