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Hello, I'm getting back into the game, but I can't decide which race would look the best for warrior. I'm torn between Charr and female Norn. I already have a level 25 Charr warrior, but I made it about 2 years ago and I'm unsure whether I should delete it and start over as a female norn.

Warrior just seems natural for the demeanor and background that Charrs have, but aesthetically, I feel as though female norns are able to wear heavy armor in a cleaner fashion less clipping without being too big and bulky like male norns and too slim like humans. I would say Male Norn or Male Charr, because they are mighty.

But also human and Sylvari could be a good moderate choice more realistic and less pumped. I suggest you to try on SPvP lobby the greatsword and hammer animations which are the best animations for a warriorthen decide yourself. Ps: remember that with both large characters as charr and norns it is difficult to achieve tasks like JPs. You will lose the birthday presents.

Park it somewhere else to mine a node if you dont like but never delete it. Norn female gs animation is kinda weird. My warrior is a female Norn. I love her. I disagree with the above, Norn female can handle the great sword with more grace compared to other humanoid females in game. I have a male Charr warrior and a female Norn necro, I like the vibe my Charr gives off as he goes crazy with dual axes.

My statuesque female Norn with the glowing green eyes feels better suited to stand silently by as she watches your slow, agonizing death. Norn or human however. There is a site if the warrior is human and you could make him look like captain America. Me, I don't care for either of the large character models. I make mostly human female toons.

While I like the Asura, their models are so tiny, it feels like a waste to dress them up. Sylvari are I have a female norn and male charr warrior and for me it's the charr all the way. I love the way my charr warrior fights, his blows just look so The warriors are supposed to be strong and imposing.

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As already suggested male norn or charr are your best bet for this. Definitely Charr! I have five warriors, and i settle thier race by weapon choice. Hammer war i go with norn; axe war i go with Charr; Rifle war i go with Asura; condition war i go with Sylvari; sword war i go with human.Type in what race goes best with each profession. This is just a discussion so the category is "Guild Wars 2 Discussion".

Honestly they did a good job of making all races fit with pretty much every class. Anything that doesn't heavily rely on magic, because magic is for cowardly mice like Flame Legion and Humans. Flame Legion seem to have all of the professions common to the legions, but also train spellcasters like Elementalists since they don't have the same taboo on magic. I feel as though the majority of Asura we see in-game are Elementalists, Engineers or surprisingly Warrior peacekeepers.

Pet tamers exist asura have a weird fixation on training Moas, I thinkbut they aren't very Ranger-y. Krytan Humans are known to have knowledge of all professions besides Revenantbut seem to have a disproportionally high number of Mesmers perhaps the home city of the mesmer collective?

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Guardian and Warrior seem common enough in the Seraph and Ministry Guard, while priests of grenth will obviously opt to study Necromancy more for rituals and funeral rites than actually raising the dead. Thief seem to be common too, for obvious reasons.

I feel as though you can't really place a class on Sylvari or Norn. Sylvari seem to pick up their class from the Dream, although the time they are spat out seems to affect their class and personality. A Sylvari born in the night seems to opt for darker professions, like Necromancer, Thief, or professional traitor.

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Norn have Shamans Necromancersbut seem otherwise fair game. They live between Humans and the Charr, and generally hold an approachable, if not neutral, reputation among both. I don't think I have ever seen a norn Mesmer, but I am sure they must exist since Raven, Owl and Eagle seem to be heavily themed around the mind tactics, knowledge and wisdom. I don't really think there's a "best" choice for any of them. The professions are deliberately designed not to be race-specific, and when you're creating a character, you can definitely justify any combination you pick.

As Westenev pointed out, among NPCs there are certain trends as to which professions are common for each race. I think the most extreme of these is for Revenant, since as far as I know there are only two NPC Revenants, both charr.

I think there's another one somewhere else in core Tyria, but I don't remember where. Just a note, Charr have eles, mesmers and necros as well. One of the starter selections for your partner is an ele and you can recruit both a necromancer and a mesmer at one point in the story. For example I'd say the sylvari's defining trait is their curiosity about the world so they're more likely to choose something experimental like a necromancer or engineer and less likely to pick something straight-forward like a warrior.

But then maybe their priority is on exloring or their Wild Hunt called them to defend a specific place and they just wanted straight-forward combat skills to use in the process, in which case a warrior makes perfect sense.

The only combination I think could be a bit of a stretch is a charr elementalist who isn't Flame Legion. But even then it could work. I imagine the Ash Legion especially would be opposed to totally abandoning fire magic because it's important to understand your enemy and what they can do, and it's a useful tool to have.

Besides it wasn't actually the Flame Legion's use of fire magic that made them a problem, it was their attitude towards all the rest of the charr. So as long as a charr ele isn't trying to take over they wouldn't be a problem. This is just how I see each class.

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I see more asura as guardians, they aren't warrior.The Norn are a race of nine-foot-tall warriors who live in the northernmost Shiverpeaks. They revel in the harsh climes, leading dangerous lives among savage beasts.

These mighty hunters are not organized into a single nation. Instead, those who display exceptional strength and prowess in battle establish homesteads, though they are certainly not considered "rulers". They often spend years at a time tracking a particularly strong or clever quarry; they never give up on a battle, a pursuit, or a friend. The Norn revere the spirits of nature —from the wolf to the snow lynx - but the most powerful of these is the Bear Spiritwho, according to myth, blessed the Norn with the ability to change shape and "become the bear".

A race of shape-shifting half- giants from the north, the Norn value personal strength, victory, and purifying the soul through battle. They revere the spirits of animals and call on them like shamans. The Norn are a highly independent race with a fighter-centric society, holding strength and prowess in combat above everything else. To a Norn, the greatest shame is not dying in battle, but rather not having the tale of their life, especially death, told.

Due to their independence, the Norn are hardly seen in large parties with the exception of great hunts, festivities, and in the larger homesteads like Gunnar's Hold. For the Norn, in order to wed, the couple must be of equal reputation, and marriage symbolizes the combining of their tales.

During the wedding, someone must speak on the behalf of the two to show their worth for the other. The norn are not able to interbreed with humans [1]although Olaf Olafsonhis daughterand Danira imply or state otherwise.

According to Jorathe Norn believe in the hall of spirits, a place "where the brave live forever. Norn culture is highly individualistic with a focus on personal success and glory—particularly when gained from the hunt or in a battle. The norn do not fear death as they believe the bold and strong can achieve immortality, but they do fear they will be weak and end up forgotten. As a result each norn seeks to prove themselves, to build their legend through feats of individual valor and great victories.

Every norn hopes their legend will be told by the skaald and celebrated at a moot with story and song. Norn usually have a great sense of personal honor, for a norn without respect from others is already forgotten. For many norn, the focus on prestige means they're willing to accept any challenge which will prove their worth.Your story awaits you! Check the upper-right corner of your screen for your next story step.

Follow the green objective markers on your map, or quickly travel to your story step by opening your map and clicking a waypoint near the green marker.

The personal story is the unique campaign of each character which, along with dynamic events and map completionmakes up much of PvE gameplay.

gw2 norn

The personal story is independent from random world events and is always available to follow through the game world and the events which occur there. The personal story is told through character specific instances and is personalized by decisions made before and during gameplay.

The story is played from one character's perspective for that character's story. Other players can help with another player's story but are not able to make choices that affect the outcome, though they can choose to accept the outcome as their own. While the story is personalized and considers different decisions made in character creation and gameplay, the core story is the same for all: So dangerous and influential are the Elder Dragons that no one's life is unaffected by them.

All characters begin as a member of their selected race, experiencing a specific storyline that winds through a racial homeland. As players progress, the different threads begin to intertwine and overlap, culminating in a final conflict against Zhaitanone of the Elder Dragons. Along the way, characters will encounter the now-scattered members of Destiny's Edgeand have the chance to align with one of three major Orders that seek to deal with the Dragons in their own way.

Before entering the world proper, all characters must complete a short tutorial respective to whichever race was selected. These tutorials then connect into the first three arcs of the personal storyline, that players may follow at their own leisure. The guild Destiny's Edgeonce renowned for their efforts preventing the dragons from destroying the world, has fallen apart. Each of the members are from one of the player races and they can no longer see through their differences or pasts to work together.

gw2 norn

The members can be befriended and the group united again to set the stage for the overarching story. The beginning of this story is part of your personal story as well as some mail sent to you by your racial counterpart in Destiny's Edge. However most of the story is experienced through the story mode of the 8 dungeons in Tyria. The dungeon story is parallel to your personal story and they do not affect each other.

There are three different orderseach has their own philosophy and approach to learning about and ultimately removing the threat of the dragons. One of these orders can be joined and it will affect how the story of the dragons is experienced.

For example, given the same storyline situation, if the Vigil were dealing with the situation they would take the fighting approach, if the Durmand Priory were dealing with the situation they would attempt to use knowledge and technology to find a solution, and if the Order of Whispers were dealing with the situation they would rely on subversion and infiltration to overcome the situation.


Each character's personal story is divided into eight chapters, with each chapter unlocking every 10 levels. For the most part there is little overlap between each chapter, with the early chapters determined by the player's choice of race and biographyand later chapters being determined by choices made within the game. The character is introduced to their race's mentor one of the members of Destiny's Edgeas well as their race's renegade faction.

The specifics of the story depends on what race they chose, as well as one of their biography choices. The character is confronted by something from their past, be it an embarrassing mishap, an old invention, or a missing family member. The character is introduced by their mentor to the three Orders and made aware of the true threat of the Elder Dragons.

At the end of this chapter, the character is persuaded to permanently join an order to aid in the fight against the dragons.This is a list of norn racial skills.

Norn engineers additionally receive the following skills in their tool belt skill slots if they have the respective racial skills equipped. Bear form. Raven form. Snow Leopard form. Wolf form. Playable races. Category : Norn skills. Call Owl.

Personal story

Call upon an owl to attack and bleed your foe. Call Wurm. Summon a wurm to fight for you. Become the Bear. Shape-shift into norn bear form. Become the Raven. Shape-shift into norn raven form.

gw2 norn

Become the Snow Leopard. Shape-shift into norn snow leopard form. Become the Wolf.

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Shape-shift into norn wolf form.This race of towering hunters experienced a great defeat when the Ice Dragon drove them from their glacial homeland. Nevertheless, they won't let one lost battle—however punishing—dampen their enthusiasm for life and the hunt. They know that only the ultimate victor achieves legendary rewards. The norn are a 9-foot tall race originary from the Far Shiverpeaksalthough their conflict with the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion, Jormaghas forced them to the central Shiverpeakswhere they currently live.

The individualistic norn live for the hunt, their tracking, stealth, and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation. The norn are very proud of their personal victories, and their main goal in life is to achieve great things to cultivate their legend.

The biggest norn settlement is the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak.

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The norn are one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2. Selecting a norn character will start players off in the tutorial The Great Huntwhere the players gather trophies to prove their worth and cultivate their legend. During character creationa player can customize a norn's physical appearance and answer three race-specific biography questions which affect their personal story :. Player's choices during character creation do not restrict the skills and abilities available to that character.

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Most norn racial skills are thematically related to the Spirits of the Wild, capitalizing on the norn's ability to shape-shift into animal forms. The norn largely resemble humans. However, they are noticeably taller around nine feet or 2,75 metersand they are able to shape-shift into animal forms, were-creatures that resemble the animals the Spirits of the Wild represent. In their humanoid forms, their proportions are much broader and more heavily muscled than a typical human.

Thrulnn the Lost describes the norn as being giants, along with the Jotun. Norn can also have long lives, living up to and maintaining their good health and vitality for a long time, though very few die of old age [1]. Norn have a broad range of skin colors, light-skinned norn living in Lion's Arch will have their skin easily tanned by the sun. According to Kranxxnorn generate a considerable amount of body heat at the slightest exertion.

While shape-shifting, norn take on an upright half-norn half-animal form, known as Spirit Form, resembling one of the animals the Spirits of the Wild represent. The were-form is furred, fanged, and clawed, and grants the norn attributes depending on the animal they transform into. The transition between norn and were-form is described as a blur. The blur then transfigures into a more solid appearance over a short period of time, revealing the were-form.

Any clothing or armor worn by the norn is covered by the form, and therefore not visible. While the transformation is generally stronger and more durable, wounds and poison do not appear to be cured by this shape-shifting. Although it is implied by some norn in Guild Wars that the norn are able to interbreed with humansnorn-human hybrids are not possible because the five main races cannot cross-fertilize each other.I'm planting trees with my site.

Norn are huge, viking-like humans who love the hunt. Since hunts are usually quite a solitary undertaking, Norn are often found on their own. Their culture is focused on individual achievements as well, the bigger the hunt the bigger the rewards after all. Norn do sometimes work together, as some prey are simply too big for just one to take down.

gw2 norn

Just like their appearance resembles that of vikings, so do their names. Their first names are usually Scandinavian, but it can be any name from any Nordic language. Norn don't usually use last names, but those who do tend to have 1 of 3 different types.

However, in Guild Wars it's also possible to end in kin kin of. The second type of last names are the fantasy style last names, like Dragonslayer and Truthseeker. This generator has all 3 types, divided as follows: The first 4 names are -dottir, -son and -kin names. The next 3 names are fantasy surnames, and the last 3 names are titles. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names.

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