Counterup tutorial

Step 1: Remove everything from your counters, including all small appliances, food, and silicone caulk. Step 2: Scrub your countertop thoroughly with a Brillo pad to remove all grease, wax, dirt, and oils. Avoid using any harsh cleaners, as this can prevent your new surface from adhering properly.

Rinse the Brillo soap with clean water at least three times to ensure all of the soap is gone from your counters. Step 3: Prep your area. Cover any areas with plastic sheets that you could drop paint on, and pull out your stove and cover it with plastic. Step 4: Apply black primer to your clean counters. Apply in even, thin layers, and paint small sections at a time.

Use a sponge brush to apply the primer to your corners and back splash. Apply two coats if necessary, but wait at least two to three hours between coats. Once your counters are completely coated with primer, allow them to dry completely for at least 6 hours. Then, apply your other colors metallic browns, golds, and other colors in a similar manner. You can also use a thin artist brush to add veining to your color scheme.

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On top of your veining, sponge on more whites and dark colors for a more realistic look. This video by Giani provides a good visual. For Quartz : Sponge on your white thoroughly, as you would for a granite finish.

After you complete your white, go back with an acrylic color that is a similar shade to your primer. For instance, if you used a black primer, use an acrylic black, and sponge that color all over your counter, only allowing a small amount of pearl white to show through.

Avoid adding too many colors, as quartz counters typically do not have a busy finish.

counterup tutorial

After that, go back in and sponge on some more of your primer to add more depth. Add random silver or gold dots of acrylic paint throughout your design for a more realistic look. For Marble : Sponge on your white limestone thoroughly. You should have very few black undertones showing through. Sponge on your Inca gold and pearl mica. Then, sand your finish with grit sandpaper. After you sand, wipe your surface with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry completely. Sponge back over your veining with more whites.

If necessary, sand again to ensure a smooth and even surface. See the Giani video below for detailed instructions. Step 5b: Apply metal flakes to Granite and Quartz finishes. This provides additional depth and shine, and makes your counters look more like real stone.

Step 6: Apply your top coat. This is the most difficult part of the entire process, as it is hard to get the top coat on evenly without leaving streaks. If you over-brush or over-roll, this will leave streaks or bubbles.

You can sand between coats with grit sandpaper if necessary. Add three coats of topcoat, and wait at least two to four hours between coats.This critical element of ladder logic programming allows a programmer to keep track of how many products have passed a certain sensor, how many revolutions have been made by a certain motor, how many times a certain alarm was set and so on.

This switch detects a certain product when it comes by on a conveyor belt. This value will continue to increment every single time a new product goes by. The process will continue until the counter has reached the value of At 16, the counter will set the C At this point, the. DN bit will set an internal bit which will energize another CTU instruction.

This instruction will keep track of the batches finalized in the process. Furthermore, the. The process will repeat again for each batch. Note that the counter which keeps track of the number of batches produced does not have a reset. This will need to be implemented and tied into a button which is activated at the end of a shift for example.

Tutorials Blog Courses Newsletter. PLC Programming. Join Today. The number 16 represents the number of products in a certain batch.

The C This Counter counts how many batches have been completed. Programming example in RSLogix :. Share this Tutorial. All rights reserved.My allergies have been incredible this year, and by that I mean that they have been worse than they have ever been.

Please, please, please do not suggest medical advice here. Much appreciated. I see an allergy specialist who gives me 2 shots, times a week to help with my symptoms. They have helped a lot; however, Juniper Ash Cedar Fever! She suggested that I wear a face mask when I go outside to help reduce the amount of pollen that is going into my lungs and sinuses.

After going to a few different stores to purchase some, I found that many other Austinites had already bought them out. No worries, right? I know how to sew. I will just make one. When I finished, I had many requests for a tutorial, so here you go:. Fold the main piece of fabric in half, right sides together. Turn this tube shape inside out, so that the right side of the fabric is now on the outside.

Press this flat, keeping the seam to one end of the flattened tube. Place the tube of fabric so that the raw edges are on each side and the seam edge is at the bottom. I used a pencil for illustration purposes. Fold the seam edge up or down in this picture, as I turned it upside down…sorry making the crease on the first line that you just marked.

Flip the tube piece over. Match the crease edge to the second line that you made earlier. Pin the pleat down on each raw edge end. Now you will mark the lines for the second pleat. It was difficult to see the top of the crease in this picture, so look at the finger indicator above. Now mark another line one inch above the last line that you made or 3 inches above the seam edge. Using these lines as your guide, repeat the steps that you followed to make the first pleat.

Repeat the steps you used to make the second pleat, so that you end up with three pleats total.

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Pin one elastic piece to the raw edge, making sure not to twist it before baste stitching it to the edge at both ends. Repeat, to attach remaining elastic piece to the other raw edge. Fold each accent strip of fabric lengthwise in half, matching raw edges, as shown in the picture above.

Place the strip on top of the elastic.

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Make sure the raw edge is facing outward, and the creased edge is facing the main body of the pleated piece. It will be a little longer on the top and bottom and that is okay, as we are going to fold some of that to the back.

How to Make a Concrete Countertop

Open the the accent fabric strip seam by flipping it outward away from the main pleated piece, then press. You will now see the accent piece on this side, but not at all on the flip side. Pin edge down.

If you are a good sewist, you will change out your presser foot to a straight stitch foot. It just gives it a nice finished look, and helps to give that elastic a little extra stability.Privacy Policy.

Learn ProKitchen. Cure your curiosity. Learn the Basics. Refine your skills. Everything ProKitchen, all in one place. Tutorial Playlist. Highlighted Features 2. Basic Training 4. User Interface: Toolbar 5.

counterup tutorial

User Interface: Menus 6. User Interface: Pop-Up Menus 7. Windows Cabinets Countertops Catalogs Printing Previous Features. Complete Training Showroom EZ Link Pricing Closet Designer. Highlighted Features. Stay up to date with the latest features released in ProKitchen Software. Lighting Fixtures: New in Countertop Designer: New in Cabinet Hardware: New in Measurement Enhancements: New in Custom Colors: New in v Check out these minute ProKitchen tutorials to quickly start designing or watch the complete tutorials for an in-depth introduction.Yikes, your old countertop sure is ugly!

Of course, you would love to replace it. But you can't afford to install laminate — not to mention granite. Rest assured, there are plenty of ways you can transform that old surface into a new one without busting your budget. From real stone to durable concrete, here are five DIY kits that will give your ugly countertop a beautiful new finish. New countertops aren't cheap. In the U. A DIY resurfacing kit is a budget-friendly solution that's a fraction of the price.

Another good to know, they keep old countertops out of landfills, which is good for the planet. How long will it take you to DIY? Three days including drying time. So that you know, most countertop resurfacing kits use multiple coatings. After each one is applied, it needs to dry and set before you move on to the next step. Drying time varies but in some cases, it can take up to 12 hours. Did they stand the test of time?

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We went with the onyx kit. I think it looks like high-end Soapstone, which you know can cost a small fortune," says Hill. To learn more including where to buy, visit their site. Tip: What's the deal with VOCs?

The Five Best DIY Countertop Refinishing Kits

Many types ruin indoor air quality. You can apply it to most types of surfaces including MDF, plywood, particle board, concrete, and tile. Even better, unlike some DIY resurfacing solutions, this one is heat, impact, and stain resistant.

She went with Mantel Stone, a pretty speckled gray. She couldn't be happier with the results.Ready to get started on your own concrete kitchen countertop transformation? Start by cleaning up existing kitchen countertops. Just some cleaning spray and paper towels should do the trick. Let dry. I have always believed that if concrete was too thin, it would crack with any sort of stress.

I am wondering, how have your counters held up? Any cracking or chipping with everyday use? I like the concept and seems cost efficient too. Same with me Yvonne. I have a small bathroom I need to upgrade. I tried the Gianni in my bathroom and don't recommend it. Worked a part time job to pay for it. How thick did you apply the concrete and how long till it is fully cured and can have a finish coat? One of my daughters did this, then the rest of our family ran away with it.

We've added dye for different colors or variations. I love any imperfections because it is supposed to be concrete. I haven't had mine as long as my daughters, but for such a low cost, I don't mind any upkeep.

I would love a follow up showing the finishing process! Good job!!

counterup tutorial

Four years ago, we moved into a year-old mobile home on a farm. Being a city girl, I was at a Hi again!!! I decided to repurpose blind slats left over from replacing blinds in the house.One of the most expensive parts of a makeover for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room renovation is the countertops.

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Instead of breaking our budget on the vanity in our powder room, we opted to do DIY countertops. We wound up going with a super cool concrete overlay using the same technique we used on our DIY fireplace. I had no idea if it would work on a vanity and in a sinkbut it totally did! SO many talented bloggers have come up with budget friendly options and tutorials.

This list is the best DIY countertops around the web—you are sure to find the perfect one for whatever room you are working on! I love all these tutorials!

SO many great ideas on DIY countertops. Even though I really love concrete, I definitely miss the beautiful butcher block countertops we had in our old house. And the faux marble idea is really blowing my mind!!! Who knew you could do so much with a little paint?! Which of the DIY countertops works best for your renovation?

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Looking at all these is getting my juices flowing on my next remodel! Before you head out and get started, be sure to check out my FREE design guides that will help you help you design spaces you absolutely love!

Unlock my design vault and get access to all of them in one convenient digital library. Continue Reading. I love it when you share my ideas and tutorials! Feel free to use one photo provided that a link back to my original post is included. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. All free printables offered are for personal use only. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated!

Thank you! Hi, This painting counter tops came just when I am thinking about doing my bathroom tops.